Call for Help! #119 campaign for Twin Peaks Season 4

by Matteo Marino
Novembre 7, 2017
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I’ve got a message for you from Blake Morrow and Kenneth Phillips. If you want more Twin Peaks, 11/9 is the day! Join us and share the news!

Thursday, November 9th 2017: #119 #oneonenine
Hey fan family. We have an idea we hope you can take part in.
On Thursday, Nov 9th, it will be 11/9, or 119. We can’t think of a better day for all of us Twin Peaks fans to officially ask, en masse, for a 4th season of Twin Peaks.
The idea is simple: Use the hashtags #119 and #oneonenine and post on all of your social media platforms. Use one of these 119 images we’ve created. Add Lynch, Frost and Showtime to your posts. Let them know we want more. They are all on the record that they are open to it. Time to let them know we are too. Perhaps we can trend on Twitter for a few hours.

Change your profile pic on Facebook for the day. Share the #119 and #oneonenine hashtags. Tell your fellow friends who are fans. Give shoutouts to your favourite TP actor or actress. And don’t forget Instagram.

The trick is… wait until the morning of Thursday, Nov 9th in order to send the message on the day of 119. Keep the mystery alive and wait until 119. Then feel free to post as many times as you want.

Don’t forget: #119, #oneonenine and if you’d like, #TwinPeaks to make the message clear. Or maybe just #119. Clarity is overrated, anyway . Your call.

On twitter: @DAVID_LYNCH @mfrost11 @Showtime @SHO_TwinPeaks
On Facebook and Instagram, use hashtags, link your fave actors/actresses. The sky is the limit.

Just wait until #119
Let’s rock.

Share the love, ask for more. #119 #oneonenine

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