Twin Peaks 2016: 18 new episodes instead of the original 9

by Matteo Marino


Photo by Mary Hutter

Photo by Mary Hutter

According to Twin Peaks Festival Facebook page, during Crypticon Seattle, Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn stated there will be 18 new episodes of Twin Peaks, Filming will begin in September on location in North Bend. Twede’s aka the Double R diner is being renovated.

Last saturday, Showtime’s CEO, David Nevins, said:

“This damn fine cup of coffee from Mark and David tastes more delicious than ever. Totally worth the extra brewing time and the cup is even bigger than we expected. David will direct the whole thing which will total more than the originally announced nine hours. Pre production starts now!!”

I’m speechless. Waiting for confirmation, let’s have a (whole) cherry pie!


And… Angelo Badalamenti is composing brand new music for the series. 18 new episodes all scored by Angelo Badalamenti and all directed by David Lynch!

“Yes. Those were the major reveals,” someone close to the organization of the convention confirmed in a message to Welcome to Twin Peaks.


Double R art by Martin Woutisseth


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