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Poems Between Two Worlds - A Symphony of Words for David Lynch from Andrea Abbatista

A tribute to David Lynch: «Poems Between Two Worlds» of the italian actor Andrea Abbatista is really something! (VIDEO)

by Matteo Marino
video by Andrea Abbatista
December 23, 2016
italian version here

Andrea Abbatista is an Italian actor and director, and a Lynchian DOC. He made his debut on stage in the role of Dr. Treves in The Elephant Man and is now writing a play about Orson Welles. His video-tribute to Twin Peaks is really something!, to put it as Dale Cooper.
I have the honor to present a very first preview of the Lost Poet. He has a symphony of words for us, as stated in the suggestive subtitle. Make yourself comfortable (but not too much) and start the video. Coming up, an interview with Andrea, who speaks among other things, about how this project was born and developed. Are you ready to get back into the Black Lodge?

Poems Between Two Worlds – A Symphony of Words for David Lynch from Andrea Abbatista on Vimeo.

Hi Andrea! Introduce yourself to the readers of [Who are you? What do you do? What are your past and future projects?]
First of all, I want to thank you for the rare opportunity you’re giving me.
My name is Andrea Abbatista, I’m an actor from Milan, who occasionally dedicates to directing, my very first big love.
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Exclusive Interview with Chrysta Bell, from Naples to Twin Peaks

by Matteo Marino
DECEMBER 15, 2016
italian version here

Chrysta Bell is her first name and full professional moniker. We saw her for a second in the first Twin Peaks behind-the-scenes featurette, and she charmed us. Since INLAND EMPIRE‘s Polish Poem,  she is David Lynch’s musical muse. Their collaboration gave us the critically acclaimed album This Train in 2011 and now an EP of new material, Somewhere in the Nowhere. Her role in the highly anticipated new Twin Peaks series on Showtime is still a mystery (as everybody’s role) and her gig at Naples in October was too dreamy.

Ciao, Chrysta! The first article of (entitled “Do not sit too close to the TV”) was about my first encounter with the work of David Lynch, the precise moment when I fell in love with his world. I invited readers to tell me about their own “first moment” and now there is an amazing collection of their stories and feelings. So, first of all, I ask you: how did you meet David Lynch’s work for the first time? How did you feel about it?
My first encounter with David’s work was through the original airing of Twin Peaks, and though I was too young to catch the nuances and perceive the sophistication of the show, I was enthralled with the way the music and the imagery conspired to create a stirring inside of my little body. I was hooked from the first few measures of the music with the opening imagery of the show. It was an awakening of sorts to the power of what imagery and music can do beyond simply entertain.

In a very touching video (in “Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Box Edition”) Angelo Badalamenti describes the way Laura’s Theme took life. On one side there was Lynch describing his feelings to Angelo, and Angelo at the piano translated them into music. Every song has different origins, I guess, but could you please tell us how you work with Lynch? How your worlds collide?
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Twin Peaks: The Secrets of the Room Above the Convenience Store

by Matteo Marino 
English version by James Woolley
Italian version here
 Jun 23, 2015


The now-legendary scene of “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” set “above the convenience store”, just like the famous scene of the dream of Dale Cooper in the Red Room in “Twin Peaks”, is one of those Lynchian cryptic scenes full of clues to fans, and a veritable pool of ideas to be used in the future for the film-maker(s).

With the blu-ray of “Twin Peaks” release in 2014, we are now able to feel our way through the layers of mystery unfolding between the original script and the extended version of the ‘convenience store’ scene in the ‘Missing Pieces.’ Let us dive into old and new theories alike to try and prise open the secrets of the Black Lodge, the creamed corn, the Formica table, scorched engine oil and much more!

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Twin Peaks 2016: Kimmy Robertson (Lucy) says thankyou to Italian fans (VIDEO)

by Matteo Marino in collaboration with Mario De Filippo
May 25, 2015
Italian version here

Lucy e ciambelleDear Lynchians, like I would say, or dear Twin Peaks citizens like my mate Mario from Twin Peaks Italian Gazette would, dearest Twin Peaks Italian Fans, there’s a message for you (and for all that joined the italian #noonelse campaign to save Twin Peaks) from Kimmy Robertson (our beloved Lucy Moran).

It all started on Easter Sunday, with her dramatic statement: “Dear Showtime, I hope you’re happy. P.S. You really really suck”. Now it’s really beautiful , now that it’s all alright, we received a video by Kimmy herself. To read the feelings in her eyes and in her voice for something we all fought for… Continue reading

Video Sherilyn and Sheryl

Twin Peaks 2016: Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn’s announcements (VIDEO)

by Matteo Marino

Italian version here

Crypticon Seattle. Gabrielle Fane and Brittyn Lindsey were there and filmed Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn discuss the future of Twin Peaks:  there will be 18 new episodes of Twin Peaks (at 3′), filming will begin in September on location in North Bend, Twede’s aka the Double R diner is being renovated, and Angelo Badalamenti will come back.

Gabrielle immediately posted this on Twin Peaks Returns


Enjoy the video! There were a lot of other funny stories as well.

Video edited by Brittyn Lindsey
Photo by Gabrielle Fane

Thank you Brittyn, thank you Gabrielle!




Twin Peaks 2016: 18 new episodes instead of the original 9

by Matteo Marino


Photo by Mary Hutter

Photo by Mary Hutter

According to Twin Peaks Festival Facebook page, during Crypticon Seattle, Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn stated there will be 18 new episodes of Twin Peaks, Filming will begin in September on location in North Bend. Twede’s aka the Double R diner is being renovated.

Last saturday, Showtime’s CEO, David Nevins, said:

“This damn fine cup of coffee from Mark and David tastes more delicious than ever. Totally worth the extra brewing time and the cup is even bigger than we expected. David will direct the whole thing which will total more than the originally announced nine hours. Pre production starts now!!”

I’m speechless. Waiting for confirmation, let’s have a (whole) cherry pie!


And… Angelo Badalamenti is composing brand new music for the series. 18 new episodes all scored by Angelo Badalamenti and all directed by David Lynch!

“Yes. Those were the major reveals,” someone close to the organization of the convention confirmed in a message to Welcome to Twin Peaks.


Double R art by Martin Woutisseth


TOP 100

TOP 100 “Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like…”

by Matteo Marino
Apr 20, 2015
11:30 AM Dale Cooper Time


Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like art without genius
Twin Peaks senza David Lynch è come l’arte senza il genio (Antonio Clemente)

Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like Tibet without the Dalai Lama
Twin Peaks senza David Lynch è come il Tibet senza il Dalai Lama (Mel Reynolds)

Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like Julee Cruise on Prozac
Twin Peaks senza David Lynch è come Julee Cruise sotto Prozac (Suzi Kay)

Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like an invitation without love
Twin Peaks senza David Lynch è come un invito senza amore (Lotte Pilotte)

Simone Stefanini Audrey's Dance

by Simone Stefanini

Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like a percolator without a fish
Twin Peaks senza David Lynch è come una caffettiera senza pesce dentro (Simone Malandra, Stanislaw Olszak)

Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like owls that are exactly what they seem
Twin Peaks senza David Lynch è come dei gufi che sono esattamente quello che sembrano (Jodie Lowther)

Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like the Double-R Diner without an R
Twin Peaks senza David Lynch è come il Double-R senza una R (Laura Muller)

niwT skaeP tuohtihw hcnyL s’ti ekil s’tel tuotihw kcor
niwT skaeP aznes hcnyL è emoc s’tel aznes ckor (Giuseppe Stanley Marino)

Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like a cherry stem without Audrey
Twin Peaks senza David Lynch è come un gambo di ciliegia senza Audrey (Matteo Marino)
Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like the difference between having sex and watching
Twin Peaks senza David Lynch è come tra trombare e stare a guardare (Mauro Maureeno Mariotti)

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Lynch dirige nella Red Room

3 proofs that Twin Peaks without David Lynch is not Twin Peaks

by Matteo Marino
Apr 16, 2015
italian version here

Although David Lynch and Mark Frost have already completed co-written scripts for the nine-episodes series, there is a vision beyond the scripts that only Lynch as a director can discover.

With all due respect to co-creator Mark Frost, here are 3 proofs that Twin Peaks without David Lynch is not Twin Peaks.

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NO ONE ELSE campaign

#SaveTwinPeaks directed by David Lynch social media campaigns

by Matteo Marino
Apr, 13 2015

Our contribution to the #SaveTwinPeaks social media campaigns: we invite all the fans to post a picture like these (with a NO ONE ELSE or simply a ‪#‎SaveTwinPeaks sign) on social pages.
Showtime, save David Lynch-Directed Twin Peaks as planned. Bring David Lynch Back.

Don’t forget to tag it
Showtime Networks
David Lynch –

Thank you! An idea by Ivan Taribello in collaboration with

Please like> Official Twin Peaks Cast run site
Share “Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like…?” video released by ‘Twin Peaks’ original cast >
Complete the sentence: “Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like…” and upload your own video to Instagram or Vine and tag it‪#‎SaveTwinPeaks: >
Complete the sentence, tweet it and tag it
Sign the petition >
Make some noise and join the Thunderclap!


#SaveTwinPeaks #NoLynchNoPeaks


Sheryl Fenn Q&A

An unexpected Q&A with Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne)

by Matteo Marino
Apr 9, 2015

The last few days have been a roller coaster for Twin Peaks fans (and some people getting sick).

Yesterday, an amazing surprise came from the Facebook page Official Twin Peaks Cast run site: an unexpected Q&A with the beautiful Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne).

Here is a montage of the most fascinating answers from Sherilyn. We’ll find out more about the negotiation with Showtime, the silence of Kyle MacLachlan, cherry stems and Mulholland Drive.

Lastly, (SPOILER for those who did not finish Twin Peaks yet) we will learn for sure if Audrey survived the explosion…

[Italian version here]

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